Saliva & Urine pH Test Strips | Body Alkalinity Daily Health Indicator Launched

Saliva & Urine pH Test Strips | Body Alkalinity Daily Health Indicator Launched

Just Fitter has launched the body pH test strips as part of a broader effort to improve access to home diagnostic products. Users can now check acidity and alkalinity levels and take preventive action.

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Announcing the launch of the new test strips, Just Fitter highlights the importance of maintaining an alkaline pH for optimum health. Multiple studies published by the NIH indicate that while the body naturally regulates pH, alkalinity and alkaline diets may have some role in preventing chronic diseases.

The most frequent effects of over-acidity are weariness, allergies, being overweight, and mood disorders. A recent study found that dietary changes can have a profoundly positive and alkalizing impact on the body's pH. 80% alkaline and 20% acidic foods and beverages make up a healthy alkaline diet.

Just Fitter announced a special offer on the pH test strips. It is possible to obtain precise results in about 15 seconds by recording and monitoring pH levels using saliva and urine. The company recommends users test both saliva and urine to get a complete picture of the pH of body fluids.

The litmus paper pH test strips should be moistened with saliva or urine in the morning, left to rest for 15 seconds, and then compared to the color chart provided. This reading is accurate to the nearest 0.25 pH.

A color test chart, 125 test strips, and simple PDF instructions can be found in each kit. Each purchase also contributes to Operation Underground Railroad's efforts to eradicate child sex trafficking and exploitation on a global scale.

A spokesperson for the company said: "Daily pH testing is a great tool to monitor your progress and determine the impact of dietary changes on your body. With our tests, you can examine your body from the inside out, and with our special code, it is now easier and more affordable to evaluate your pH health and well-being. Reviewers of the pH Test Strips have praised how easy, quick, and accurate the tests are, and each test is put through rigorous quality control testing."

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