Just Fitter Feminine pH Balance Test Strips To Detect Infection: Amazon Launch

Just Fitter Feminine pH Balance Test Strips To Detect Infection: Amazon Launch

The introduction of the vaginal health pH test strips by Just Fitter is a part of a larger initiative to increase consumer access to at-home diagnostic tools. Now, users may check the levels of acidity and alkalinity and take precautions.

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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists reported that up to a third of women will experience vaginitis at some point in their lives, prompting the product launch. Pain and discomfort can be brought on by vaginal infections. Without treatment, they might result in consequences that are harmful to one's health.

Depending on a woman's stage of life, a "normal" pH level can change slightly. Vaginal pH should be less than or equal to 4.5 during the reproductive years (ages 15 through 49). However, a healthy pH is typically greater than 4.5 before and after menstruation. Vaginal acidity serves as protection. It builds a wall to stop harmful bacteria and yeast from spreading too quickly and infecting people.

Through the collection of a small amount of fluid and a 30-second wait, the strips will measure the ph levels in the vagina. Testers can then compare the test pad's final color to the color chart. Both the packaging and the bottle have a sizeable and legible printout of the chart.

Prior to packaging and delivery, the vaginal ph strips go through a rigorous quality process. Each bottle, contains 20 additional strips for a total of 100 tests per bottle.

The test strips and a color chart are accompanied by simple instructions for use. Each purchase also contributes to Operation Underground Railroad’s efforts to eradicate child sex trafficking and exploitation on a global scale.

According to a satisfied customer, "I wanted to test the accuracy of this product, so I tested several different things. When I used it for myself, I also tried it 2 different ways, which both were accurate. This product is easy to use and I’d purchase it again."

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