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Why Just Fitter? Here’s my story….

Being an advocate of health and fitness, I searched far and wide for high quality fitness products but was never satisfied with what I found in the marketplace. So one day out of frustration, in 2014, I decided to create my own products! Inspired by the idea of helping you create a better you. Just Fitter began manufacturing fitness related products such as the running belts and waist trimmers. Our products were easily recognized by the market. This was because of how comfortable and innovative the features of our products were. Just Fitter products are a labor of love for me. We have tried really hard to make Just Fitter products one of the best fitness products on the market.

Our desire is to make our customer’s experience with our products a great one … and that’s why I personally wrote PDF guides for each one of our products. In this PDF, our customers learn how to best use the product they purchased, the benefits they can expect to see and feel… so that they will LOVE the experience of using it every day!

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Just Fitter Pty Ltd
18 Riverbank Court
Ashmore, Queensland,
Australia 2414

USA Address:
PO Box 803338 # 57363,
Chicago, IL 60680-3338.

UK Address:
Unit 7 Headway Business Park
Denby Dale Road
West Yorkshire WF2 7AZ
Great Britain

Michael Fullick