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The vagina is a slightly acidic environment, with a pH of less than 4.5. Higher pH levels allow bacteria and yeasts to thrive, which can result in bacterial and yeast infections. It is important to keep the pH at bay. Vaginal test strips helps you monitor to make sure that you have normal pH level and is safe from any infections.  A "normal" pH level can vary slightly based on your stage of life. During your reproductive years (ages 15 to 49), your vaginal pH should be below or equal to 4.5. But before menstruation and after menopause, a healthy pH tends to be higher than 4.5. An acidic vaginal environment is protective. It creates a barrier that prevents unhealthy bacteria and yeast from multiplying too quickly and causing infection.As you consider monitoring it at home you need to make sure that you get a quality product to help you test your vaginal pH level. We will guide you in getting the best vaginal pH test strips in Amazon. 

What to look for in a vaginal pH test strips? 

  • Look for the one with good quality 
  • Must be Accurate 
  • Instructions must be easy to read and interpret

Why is Just Fitter Vaginal pH test strips the best? 

Just Fitter vaginal pH test strips is the best in Amazon with 4.2 out of 5 stars and review of 287 from Aside from good feedback from customers and buyers Just Fitter offers a five star customer service and quality product. Let us discuss what you get by getting the product and why its the best: 

  • Accurately Measure Your Vaginal pH Levels – These strips will help you measure your vaginal ph levels through the vaginal fluid. Collect a small amount of fluid and wait 30 seconds.
  • Easy to Read and Interpret – Match the resulting color of the test pad to the color chart. The color chart is large and clearly printed on both the box and the bottle.
  • Quality and Quantity – Our vaginal ph strips are made of premium quality materials and undergo a stringent quality process prior to packaging and shipping. Each bottle contains 80 strips with extra 20 strips, this gives a total of 100 tests per bottle.
  • Prevention and Early Detection – Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is highly prevalent among women in reproductive age group. It has been linked to low birth weight infants, preterm delivery, and other diseases. These pH test strips for women help screen BV. 
  • High-quality Just Fitter test strips are sensitive to heat and light. In the unlikely event they malfunction, contact us for an immediate replacement.

Customer Feedback

Here are some feedback from our happy buyers:

  •  Fast, easy to read results

‘Arrived quickly. Test results appear quickly, and results are easy to read.’

  • Easy to use and read

‘I wanted to test the accuracy of this product, so I tested several different things. When I used it for myself, I also tried it 2 different ways, which both were accurate. This product is easy to use and I’d purchase it again.’

  • Helped me so much

‘These are easy to use and read and helped me balance out my ph’

  • Accurate and easy to use

‘100 strips and easy to use.Gives an accurate reading of your vaginal ph, which gives you an idea of a possible infection.’

  • Very helpful to detect infection

‘I used these pH test strips several times it helps to detect the infection. It gives accurate results and is very easy to use. The information which comes with the test strips is not enough, so I visited recommended site the information they provided in that was very much helpful.’

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The best vaginal pH test strip in Amazon is Just Fitter vaginal pH test strip with the 4.2 out 5 star ratings. It provides quality strips with 100 strips per bottle you are assured that you can monitor vaginal pH levels until you get the desired level to avoid any infections related to vagina. Just Fitter makes sure that good service provided on top of the best quality which makes it on top. 

best vaginal ph test strips in Amazon


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