The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide - 2nd Ed.: Foods & pH Levels

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Acidic Foods: Understanding the Impact on Your Health

Discover the Effects of Consuming High-Acid Foods and How to Balance Your Diet

Author: Brown, Susan E.

Brand: Square One Publishers

Edition: Newly Revised and Expanded


  • The Acid Alkaline Food Guide...a guide to controlling the pH levels of your body for Health and Longevity

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Number Of Pages: 224

Release Date: 02-09-2013

Part Number: mp-50665SQO1101000000

Details: Product Description In the last few years, researchers around the world have increasingly reported the importance of acid-alkaline balance. The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide was designed as an easy-to-follow guide to the most common foods that influence your body’s pH level. Now in its Second Edition, this bestseller has been expanded to include many more domestic and international foods. Updated information also explores (and refutes) the myths about pH balance and diet, and guides the reader to supplements that can help the body achieve a healthy pH level.The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide begins by explaining how the acid-alkaline environment of the body is influenced by foods. It then presents a list of thousands of foods and their acid-alkaline effects. Included are not only single foods, such as fruits and vegetables, but also popular combination and even common fast foods. In each case, you’ll not only discover whether a food is acidifying or alkalizing, but also learn the degree to which that food affects the body. Informative insets guide you in choosing the food that’s right for you.The first book of its kind―now updated and expanded―The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide will quickly become the resource you turn to at home, in restaurants, and whenever you want to select a food that can help you reach your health and dietary goals. About the Author Susan E. Brown, PhD, CNS, is a medical anthropologist and New York State Certified Nutritionist. A clinician, researcher, and author, Dr. Brown currently directs the Center for Better Bones and the Better Bones Foundation in Syracuse, New York. Thourh the foundation, she conducts primary research, lectures widely on osteoporosis reversal, and teaches the use of a holistic, natural program for the regeneration of bone. She is also the author of Better Bones, Better Body: A Comprehensive Self-Help Program for Preventing, Halting & Overcoming Osteoporosis.Larry Trivieri, Jr. is a leading writer in the field of holistic and alternative medicine. He is the author or co-author of more than 20 acclaimed books on health, including the bestseller The Acid-Alkaline Food Guide, The American Holistic Medical Association Guide to Holistic Health, Health On The Edge, and Juice Alive. In addition, he served as the editor and principal writer of both editions of the landmark volume Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide, and has also published more than 200 health articles online and in leading publications. He is also a frequent lecturer on health-related topics, and has been a featured guest on television and radio shows nationwide. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. The importance of diet has been a basic tenet of traditional healing systems around the world for many centuries. A wholesome diet not only helps to maintain health, but can also play a vital role in recovery from disease. On the other hand, it is an indisputable fact that unhealthy dietary patterns are a primary contributing factor in most disease conditions.Our understanding of how and why certain foods can significantly help to improve health, while other foods can accelerate the disease process, grows each year as scientists continue their quest to uncover Nature’s secrets. One of the most exciting nutritional discoveries concerns the effects that different foods have on the body’s pH levels once they are consumed. Simply put, some foods, once they are metabolized, create an acidic effect within the body, while others act as alkalizing agents that can neutralize harmful acids. To be healthy, it is necessary to be in a state of acid-alkaline (acid-base) balance. Humans have, in fact, a genetically encoded requirement for a dietary balance of acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods. Because of our early ancestors’ abundant intake of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, we evolved on diets high in organic mineral compounds―particularly alkalizing forms of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. We

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