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Glucose SOS Powder

Fast-Absorption Glucose To Support Blood Sugar Levels, Natural Powder Packets - Instantly Dissolves - No Water Needed - Green Apple Crisp - 12 Packets

Color: Apple Crisp


  • Formulated With Fast-Absorption Technology - When your blood sugar is low, we understand how vital it is to have a natural glucose supplement you can quickly reach for. Our glucose powder rapidly absorbs into your bloodstream for an immediate energy-boosting pick-me-up in as little as 15 minutes. Great for those who struggle with blood sugar control or looking for an after-workout recovery, our powder packets can be taken any and everywhere.
  • A Quick & Convenient Recovery Solution - A convenient and easy method to prevent a blood sugar spike, we innovated our glucose powder so those struggling with low blood sugar can have access to fast recovery wherever they are. Our dissolvable powder packets instantly tear open for immediate use. No water or prep is needed when ingesting.
  • Our Non-Expiring Glucose Is Made to Last! Keep your Glucose SOS powder packets in the cabinet, in your car, or store them inside your pocket when you're out and about. Made in the U.S.A, these delicious sachets don't expire, meaning the only time you need to replace them is when your supply is low. Please note: the number on the box and sachets is the batch number and not to be confused with an expiration date.
  • An All-Natural, Delicious Glucose Supplement - Unlike other glucose tablets blended with just one flavor, our powder is formulated with 4 different delicious flavors - sweet & tangy, fruit medley, green apple crisp & kiwi-strawberry - & is free of artificial flavors, sodium, preservatives, gluten, and caffeine. Each sachet is temperature tolerant, meaning it won't freeze or melt, and it also adheres to the 15 gram ADA recommended amount.
  • Reach for Glucose SOS For Fast, Energy-Boosting Recovery - Developed by a "mom on a mission," our glucose powder is fast-acting support for low blood sugar. Dedicated to providing our community with support, our glucose sachets are also trusted by first responders. Treat low blood sugar fast and rely on us to provide you with the only glucose supplements you’ll need. Glucose SOS is here to save the day!

Part Number: GL-SOS-GA (12 pack)

Details: Rapid Absorption Technology Provides Quick Recovery Never experience low blood sugar when you're out and about again with our glucose powder packets. Made to quickly enter into your bloodstream, our fast-absorption powder is an immediate solution to help prevent a blood sugar spike. Slip it inside your purse or wallet and easily reach for it whenever you need it. Perfect For On-The-Go Use Live life more freely when you rely on our natural glucose powder. Each box contains 6 lightweight packets that conveniently fit inside your pocket or purse. No water or prep needed! Simply, tear it open and ingest it in small amounts until the packet is finished. Made to Last...Well Forever Our glucose powders can be stored for days, months, and even years without needing to be replaced. They're also formulated to not melt or freeze no matter the outside temperature. Note: the number on the box and sachet is the batch Id number and not an expiration date. A Delicious Alternative To Glucose Tablets & Gels Offered in 4 different refreshing flavors - sweet & tangy, fruit medley, green apple crisp & kiwi-strawberry - choose between a variety of delicious, fruit glucose powders. Free of artificial flavors, sodium, preservatives, gluten, & caffeine, each 15-gram packet adheres to the ADA recommended amount. Live A Free & Healthy Life With Glucose SOS Created by a passionate mother searching for a fast-absorbing glucose powder to help manage her two daughters’ blood sugar, our packets provide immediate recovery and sugar-spike prevention. Slip it into your pocket or purse on the go, and live a freer, healthier life with our flavorful powder sachets. And the best part: it lasts forever!

Package Dimensions: 5.0 x 4.1 x 3.1 inches