Alkaline Water Stick Wand


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Alkaline Water Stick Wand Naturally Raise pH 9.5 Adds Tourmaline, Maifan, Muyu, Far Infrared Stone Reduces ORP Bright Kitchen Reusable Portable Make Your Own Mineral Water 100 gallons (Alkaline Wand)


  • Make your own Alkaline Water - Anytime, Anywhere! - Makes up to 100 Gallons of Alkaline Water. Drop into any bottle or to-go container.
  • Our proprietary blend of all natural minerals filters out unwanted heavy metals, chlorine, fluoride, while gently adding an abundance of pH raising minerals and ions to boost vitality
  • "Alkaline Water" at the store only adds SALT to raise pH but has no health benefits! (and charges you a fortune for their "Salty Water" !!) Our Stick NATURALLY raises pH by adding health enhancing minerals just like nature intended.
  • Eco Friendly alternative to SO many plastic water bottles! 1 wand replaces hundreds of plastic bottles.
  • Save Hundreds of dollars $$ by not buying bottled water at the store! Make 9.5+ pH water at your convenience. Tastes Great Super Healthy! The "alkaline" water at the store is only adding salt to their water to raise pH and then calling it "Alkaline Water" but not actually adding any health benefits. Our Water Wands adds a proprietary blend of an assortment natural minerals