Ketone Strips Review Recommends these Keto Urine Strips Quality Product

Just Fitter continues to receive accolades from their customers for the quality and performance of their ketone testing strips. In a recently published ketone strips review on, a highly impressed user has described her experience in detail. These testing strips have been used by thousands of users to keep a track of their body’s ketone level, which is critical to the process of losing fat while following a low carb diet plan. Measurement and monitoring of body ketone is also important for the management of diabetes.

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Owing to their irregular lifestyle and food habits, a high percentage of today’s men and women are either obese or overweight. Out of many different weight loss alternatives, ketogenic diets are extremely popular. These diet plans are targeted towards a metabolic state of the body known as ketosis. Under normal circumstances, the body synthesizes energy by burning carbs. Under ketosis, however, the body starts burning fat to generate energy in the absence of carbohydrate. This metabolic state can be achieved by consuming less than twenty grams of carbohydrate for a few days.

During the synthesis energy from fat burning, ketones are produced as a by product. Therefore, a measure of this ketone helps figure out the efficiency of the diet plan. Millions of people around the world use ketone testing strips for this purpose. The testing trips from Just Fitter are highly preferred because they are extremely accurate, easy to use, and inexpensive. The product delivers result in less than fifteen seconds, and is available in different packs.

In the recently posted review, the reviewer mentions, “This is an easy way to test your ketone levels and whether or not your body is in Ketosis. These are especially helpful when you are on a low carb diet. He tried many throughout the years, currently trying the keto diet. However if you test your urine during the day you will not get an accurate reading of what is really going on in your may tell you that you have a smaller level of ketones than you actually do.”

“When measuring any levels you will get the most accurate reading on an empty stomach, when the body has fasted for a long period of time (while you sleep). So definitely try to sample first thing in the morning before you have had coffee or breakfast. If you are able to do so, start urinating then after a few seconds get the strip into the stream...sorry I know that sounds gross... but you’ll get a more accurate reading. A higher amount of ketones in your urine does not actually mean you are going to lose more weight, but it will tell you if you are in Ketosis,” she added.

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