How to Read UTI Test Strips Video Guide Launched by Just Fitter

Just Fitter is pleased to announce that their latest product related video guide is now live. In this brief video, the viewers will find out useful information related to UTI and how to read UTI test strips. An experienced manufacturer of several products related to health and fitness, Just Fitter is dedicated to helping individuals lead a healthy and disease free life. They have already released numerous FAQ videos to help customers make the best possible use of their products. Just Fitter’s UTI test strips are currently a highly sought after product in Amazon UK and eBay Australia.

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UTI or Urinary Tract Infection occurs mostly in women and tends to affect the urinary bladder and urethra. This condition is more common in women because the urethra of a woman is shorter compared to that of a man. As a result, it allows easier access for bacteria to the bladder. Experts suggest that out of every hundred women, around fifty will experience a UTI at some point of their life. In most of the instances, UTIs are treated by antibiotic medication that kills the bacteria. In order to stay safe from this infection, regular testing is highly recommended. There are several testing methods to check for a UTI. However, UTI testing strips are the most popular alternative for numerous reasons.

“UTI test strips are a useful tool if you are worried you may have a urinary tract infection, and knowing it’s time to pay your doctor a visit. We would like to recommend these UTI testing strips from Just Fitter. It can be used for early detection of infection, to help reduce serious consequences like if the infection spreads to the kidneys. Just Fitter’s UTI test strips are easy and discreet to use in the privacy of your own home,” mentions the video.

The video also provides step by step guidelines to use the testing strips. According to the video, it is always better to test the day’s second urine. In order to test, the strip must be kept in contact with the urine for two seconds. After shaking off the excess urine, the color of the strip is to be matched with the color chart that comes with the product. This entire process can be completed within two minutes.

In addition to testing Nitrite and Leukocytes for UTI, these testing strips can also measure several other important health parameters such as urobilinogen, protein, pH, blood, specific gravity, ketone, bilirubin, and glucose. The product is available in sealed bottles, each pack containing one hundred strips. These strips have an unopened shelf life of two years. All buyers purchasing Just Fitter UTI Test Strips are covered by a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee from the seller.

Click here to watch the new FAQ video from Just Fitter on YouTube.

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