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Ketone test strips has become popular or a must have for those on a keto diet to monitor if they are in ketosis. There are two ways to test ketones, it can be done through blood or urine. For you to be able to do it conveniently at home and get fast result, urine ketone test strips is the way to do it. Now let us guide you on choosing the best ketone test strip in Amazon for you to get the best result as well. 

Qualities of a good ketone test strips

  • Accuracy

    • Find a product that gives you an accurate reading on the ketone levels. You don’t want to take more than one test to be sure about it.
  • Tried and Tested 

    • Always look at the customer’s feedback and rating when choosing a product may it be with the ketone test strip or any other products. You can never be so sure unless tested. 
  • Easy to Use 

    • Considering that you are doing it by yourself always consider that the process of doing the test is not overwhelming to avoid missing any steps. 
  • Quick Results 

    • There are Ketone test strips that gives you results in less than a minute. 

Amazon Best Ketone Test Strips

The Best Ketone Test Strips in Amazon goes to Just Fitter Ketone test strips with 4.3 rating with 11,267 reviews based on Now, you wanted to know what could be the products edge among others that made it to the top. Lets go over the product details: 

  • Just Fitter knows that due to temperature change it could be possible the test strips might need a replacement. With that said, Just Fitter promises to provide the replacement if needed. 
  • Accurately measures ketone levels in a short time.
  • While you are in the process of getting into ketosis you can get more than what you need to completely monitor your ketone levels. Just Fitter Ketone Test Strips contains 125 test strips per bottle. 

Customer Feedback

Let us know more about the product and effectivity through customer’s feedback:

  • Good product. Good price

‘Good product. Good price. Rapid shipping. I use them to check nutritional ketosis. I have been generally in ketosis for about 6 months. I do blood testing to see where I am. I have been comparing these strip test results against my blood tests. I find that the strips work easily and well with ketone levels at 1.5 and greater. I find they work okay at lower levels (0.4 - 1.5) but it is harder for me to see the color difference. I find if I let them stand for 1 or 2 minutes (rather than just the 15 seconds) it is significantly easier for me to discern approximate levels. Given they are inexpensive, my plan is to switch to them and only do the significantly more expensive blood tests on an occasional basis. This product is a good value.’

  • Reliable, accurate, cost effective.

‘I used these extensively alongside a blood ketone test and while there is a delay with ruination when practicing the diet for every meal every day (seizure control/prevention/fixing the underlying problems that generates chronic fatigue) these maintain very accurate levels once in the 4-16 range (unreliabe in the 0.5-3 range!) in comparison to blood testing! Given having my blood taken and even pin prick tests make me quite ill for a few hours these are a blessing as I need to test essentially every urine break and these have revealed alarming 'breaks' in ketosis for me and have helped me stay deep in and adjust my diet so I get consistent flow of energy and stable mood throughout the day, the quantity to cost ratio is wonderful since I use about 3-5 of these a day still (more initially). Very useful, great price. And reliable at deeper levels of ketosis and usable for guarding against getting too deep (14+) in.

  •  The best test strip to buy on Keto diet.

‘I live a very busy lifestyle. As a healthcare provider for dialysis patients I'm always on the go with limited time for just about anything. Working a schedule of 5 to 6 days 12 to 13 hours shifts you can imagine the crunch. My health after many years has really declined, over weight, borderlines diabetes, to name a few. So, I decided to do a reality check otherwise the next patient would be me. I changed my diet and slowly adapted high beneficial fats, moderate portiens and very low carbs 20grams or less. Hence, the Ketogenic diet or lifestyle if you will, So, I needed real time feed back if I'm peeing ketones. So, I came across just fitter test strip on Amazon for a great price. I began using them first thing in the morning.

Sadly, the strips were not changing color. I thought I was doing something wrong. Turns out I was still not in ketosis. My glucose levels were slightly high. After two weeks of IF, HIIT and keto diet, I peed my first Ketone. The test strip turn dark pink first thing in the morning and then on lighter pink. I was excited and over joyed that it's working. But, let me tell you... those two weeks were HELL... carb withdrawal is a real thing, its like coming of a drug addiction. Omg... moody, agitated, pissed off, brain fog, headaches, body aches, irritable, low energy. The hardest part for me and everyone that goes through this is the mental denial for those CARBS... there everywhere for crying out loud. But, the best thing you could ever do to your body is IF and Keto. And to help you stay on track are this tools like ketones test strip by

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best ketone test strips in Amazon


The best ketone test strips in Amazon is Just Fitter Ketone Test Strips. Product aces quality and accuracy that makes it to the top. Product has 4.3 out of 5 ratings and got 11,267 reviews and as one of the satisfied buyer says ‘The best test strip to buy on Keto diet.’It also provides good service by making sure that if the product is not what you expected due to temperature change then a replacement will be provided. 


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